About Aurum Medicinals

At Aurum Medicinals, we believe that optimal nutrition and natural interventions can play a major part in experiencing better health and a higher quality of life. We put professional-grade, high-quality nutritional supplements including vitamins, botanicals and other natural health products, into the hands of individuals who value their long-term health in addition to the health of their communities and the environment.

As part of an ongoing commitment to treating the whole person while taking a personalized and individual approach, we work in tandem with our clinical team of internationally trained health professionals and researchers to make sure our products are high in quality and effective. 

We hope you enjoy the benefits of using our products. 

The Aurum Medicinals Team




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Looking for professional health advice? We offer virtual services globally, and in-person services at our office in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Check out the team and the unique, collaborative approach at Aurum Medicine and Wellness Clinic and learn more about how our providers may be able to help you reach your health and wellness goals.